Support goes far beyond the financial here at UWYGPM. Our volunteers’ time and talent, which makes such a difference in the lives of every family touched by our ministry, is so very appreciated.

Our volunteers include:

  • Local drivers – These drivers provide transportation within Indianapolis to miscellaneous appointments.
  • Donation drivers – These drivers assist in picking up charitable donations.
  • CDL Drivers – To drive our families for prison visitation, we are in need of drivers with appropriate CDL licensure.
  • Support group leaders – Structured support groups are needed to help family members while a loved one is absent, as well as upon the initial return to the family.
  • Mentors – More adults committed to developing lasting mentoring relationships with children of incarcerated parents are needed, as it has been noted that these children are greatly benefitted by mentoring.

UWYGPM would like to serve the entire state; however, without more vehicles, drivers, and staff, UWYGPM can only currently offer services within the Indianapolis area.