Use What You’ve Got Prison Ministry
A driving force for families

The children and families of the incarcerated are often the forgotten hidden victims in the criminal justice system. Emotional and logistical challenges often make the family members feel that they, too, have been imprisoned.

By providing transportation, Use What You’ve Got Prison Ministry (UWYGPM) affords these families the ability to maintain crucial connections during the incarceration of their loved ones. To propel the fragile family unit from a state of hopelessness to optimism is our ultimate goal.

The seven core goals of Use What You’ve Got Prison Ministry:

  • Goal #1 – Keep families connected
  • Goal #2 – Provide an arena for understanding society and different cultures
  • Goal #3 – Develop critical thinking in program participants
  • Goal #4 – Enhance communication and quantitative skills of participants
  • Goal #5 – Foster or establish an understanding of values and ethics
  • Goal #6 – Enable integration and application of knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Goal #7 – Stimulate intellectual growth and adaptiveness